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The ravenous masses demand know on how good or bad last night's show was, so that they can register their own accolades or disgust across the internet - it is my duty to inform them!

Official reviews/recaps are prominently displayed on's homepage immediately (relatively speaking) following a show.  The goal is to capture the music as much as the experience; to give readers, attendees, and non-attendees a feel for what they missed, or forgot.  The selection process to write a recap is arduous and honorable.  We want only to reflect the most visceral and cohesive imagery of the music.  We want the words to capture the show experience as accurately as possible.

BGCA1: Stampede! -

That’s not fog rolling through the San Francisco Bay, casual observer, that’s the aftermath of the inferno that swept through Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Tuesday night. An easy mistake to make, as, perhaps, only 8,000 of us or so can tell the difference, for those of us in attendance last night might still be considered fire hazards, especially those four onstage. Don’t let the fire marshal get you. Phish walks on stage, Trey, particularly, is all smiles. For those of us that have been arou

Dicks1 Recap: Hold On To Your Butts -

If you haven’t already peeked at the setlist from last night’s show, good. If you have, who can blame you. If you have, but haven’t listened to the show, having only been able to restrain your jaw from gravity’s (read: Phish’s) best efforts to detach it from your body, please read on, as this may well serve as a review and medical advice. The sun was punching its timecard for the day when Phish took the stage for the first time since the hallowed Baker’s Dozen shows. The moon had been out quite

Riviera Maya 3 Recap: The Wave's Crest -

[Editor's note: For this recap, we'd like to welcome back guest contributor Pete Hoherd (@FunkyCFunkyDo) - @ucpete] It was only a few months ago when I was waxing poetic about palm trees swaying placidly over Sleep Train Amphitheater on July 23rd. Phish delivered a complete show that night, a show at which one can throw a proverbial dart with your eyes closed and confidently exclaim "BULLSEYE" before the dart finds its mark – a show that the palm trees seemed to acknowledge with gentle acceptan

Chula Recap: ebb and FLOW -

[Editor's Note: We'd like to welcome guest contributor Pete Hoherd (@FunkyCFunkyDo) for this recap.] Palm fronds shrugged effortlessly at us on our final approach into the venue. Swaying peacefully, purposefully, their silent grace showed us more life lessons than a year’s worth of living – some years at least. Listen to the silent trees. The dry grass on the rolling hills knew what the trees knew – rhythmically dancing in the same breeze as if they knew no other way of life. The music hadn’t s

2/23/19 Mexico - Night 3 Recap. Sunkissed -

The margaritas were strong. The enchiladas were spicy. The sand between my toes was… very coarse. Oh wait, that’s cat litter. ::sigh:: Sadly, I’m reviewing this show from Portland, OR. ::bigger sigh:: But don’t worry, I consulted with my friend in Chicago who hung a piñata for authenticity, and I looked at lots of Instagram stories from people who were there – all while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, so I think I got this. Maybe. ::exasperated sigh:: Photo used with permission - © Phish Inc It is a
Photo used with permission - Pete Hoherd