Until We Do It Again

Coming in at 45,000+ views, this is phish.net's most-read blog post of the past year.  I wrote this emotional response less than 24 hours after Phish's last minute cancellation to their 11th festival: Curveball.  I did so with the permission and caution of the Mockingbird Foundation's Board of Directors.  "It's raw," they said, "Maybe it's too soon.  But if you feel the time is right, we support you."  I wrote straight from the heart, with no edits outside of grammar and spelling, because the collective pain was so raw, and all too visceral.  I felt there was collective sadness that needed to be expressed, shared, and empathized.  But also, there was collective hope.  Positive memories.  Resounding optimism.  Remembering why we do it at all in the first place. It was shared thousands of times across Twitter, Facebook, and the online music community.  It was the first of many good things to come from a bad situation.

All my friends, The Cactus Crew. We will do it again.